State and Local Tax exemption on Federal taxes - more necessary than Mortgage Interest deductions


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I sent a letter today to our Federal Representatives that includes this paragraph.  

"I could not emphasis strongly enough my opposition to the double taxing of citizen income by the Federal Government.  Additionally, placing a federal tax on local property and income taxes shows a contempt by the federal government of local governments and the spending decisions made closest to home. Though I have complaints about the way we spend money here in our City, no organization has proven to be less responsible with our tax dollars than the US Congress.  Efforts by Congress to remove the ability of local governments to provide services to their citizens, in the manner their citizens desire, should not be attempted by removing local resources through double taxation." 

Since we can not legally get out of paying local or federal taxes I believe it should be required for each recognized what has to be paid to the other and deduct that amount from the gross income before determining the tax.  That is if you earn $100,000 a year and pay $8,000 to your local government than the federal government should only charge income tax on $92,000.  If they charge income tax on the other $8,000 that is double taxation. 

There are some in congress that believe they need to encourage/coerce local politicians to lower local taxes and provide less services to their residents.  I do not think this is an appropriate task of Federal Government representatives.  I am all for lower taxes.  But local residents should have the right to ask their local politicians to provide the services they need without the Congress stepping in and telling them they aren't allowed.   

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