Say No to Income Tax Increases

Don't let city council make us pay income tax to both the city where we work and to the city where we live.  They know that a tax levy will not pass so it looks like they plan to back door a tax increase by "removing the income tax credit"
Amazingly so far this year, there have been no open discussions about next year's city budget.  Even though the May 2012 City income tax levy failed, city council has only increased spending since then.  The City Financial Managers have warned council on numerous occasions that spending has to be reined in or additional revenues will be needed.  December 2012 was the last time any member of council or staff has had a frank discussion on the issue.
Read the Dayton Daily News article to see that council is considering eliminating the "income tax credit".  This would double the income tax for many residents because it makes them pay income tax to both the city where they work and to Huber Heights.
As Mayor I would never support this backhanded maneuver. 

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