Support Loyal Huber Businesses

Did you know the city gave Stratacache $100,000 to paint the outside of the old Kroger building and pave the parking lot while at the same time they were brow beating the owner of the Huber Center to fix up that parking lot?  At a recent council meeting someone brought up that one of the stores on Troy Pike was interested in moving into "The Heights". More than one council member said the city wouldn't make money if Huber businesses relocated there so "of course we wouldn't allow that".  I differ from the current council because I look first to strengthen those companies dedicated to Huber Heights.
"The Heights" comment not only is a good gauge on the current council's appreciation of those companies currently operating in the city, it also shows their planning abilities as well.  To me it seems obvious that the planners of "The Heights" should have expected that some long time Huber businesses would like to take advantage of the opportunity to be involved in this development project.  The estimate of net revenue should have included both the addition into "The Heights" and loss out of other parts of the city of established Huber Heights companies.  I don't know why a member of council would believe if they stopped stores like Elder-Beerman or Kohl's from moving into "The Heights" those companies would still be in the city 5 years from now.  Why not let them be involved with "the most exciting development" in the city.  It makes me wonder what the owners of the Rave are thinking when city leaders mention a new Movie Theater as one of their desires for "The Heights". 
The $100,000 giveaway to Stratacache is more complicated.  Obviously, the city couldn't re-pave and re-paint all the parking lots and buildings of all the businesses in the city.  But logically it doesn't make sense to give money to strangers while letting your kids starve.  It doesn't make sense that we have a system where one side of a parking lot gets paved by the city and the only solution city leaders can think of for the other side of the parking lot is to ridicule and deride.  When I travel the city I see a couple of locally owned Pizzerias whose storefronts could benefit from a fresh coat of paint.  Examing the previous decisions of Mayor Fisher and Councilman Campbell, they would give a Pizza Hut $100,000 to pave farmland while ignoring our well established mom and pops.  In any system I design or participate, I'll look to stretch any incentives and grants as far as possible to those businesses with a history of contributing to the city. 

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