State and Federal Issues

Constitutional Rights vs Corona

There are many posts that make the argument that people have a constitutional right to make whatever decision they want when it comes to what to wear and how they acquire necessities.  Of course, the constitution was written for all the people in order to give structure to the government so each of us individually can exercise our rights.  No individual has the right to deny the rights of other

Stock Prediction Revisited

In April 2018 I originally made a prediction that the stock market would drop significantly by July 2019.  I pulled the forcast portion from the article in Oct 2019.  This is the original article.  I think the significant drop we have seen over the last couple of weeks is because of a stock bubble caused by high deficits (during economic prosperity) and not because of the popularity of index…

Gas Tax increase - Stop wasting infrastructure funds first

Governor DeWine is proposing an 18-cent increase to the Ohio gas tax.   I might be for it if he were doing it to discourage the use of petroleum products.  He tells us it is to help fund infrastructure projects such as roads.  If this is the case then I advocate for the State to encourage local communities not to waste infrastructure dollars on recreational facilities before they trying to increase this tax.