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The problem with the Affordable Healthcare Act and the American Healthcare system in general is the over reliance on insurance.  I prefer a two-part system where part one has diseases and treatments that are well understood provided by a single payer system, likely run by the government, but possibly by a well-regulated non-profit company.  Part two has people buy insurance for coverage of rare diseases and experimental treatments. 
I believe this system would be much more efficient and less costly for care such as seeing your family doctor and getting treatment for things like diabetes, kidney failure, most heart disease and many cancers.  Since it would be paid for through general taxes all citizens would be covered and businesses would not have to spend time and money, shopping for and paying for insurance.
As someone who has received almost all of his and his family’s healthcare from the government administered military healthcare system, I am confident citizens of this country can get quality care from a single pay provider.  Over the past 30 years, my healthcare has been managed by Flight Surgeons, delivered a McMasters’ child, and provided cancer treatments. 
The worst experience we had with healthcare happened right after I retired.  For the first 4 months our children could not be seen at the base hospital.  Instead, when two of my children got sick, we had to go to a local general practitioner for care.  That doctor was very smart and competent.  However, it took more than 3 weeks to get in so of course my kids were already better before they were seen.  We chose to keep the appointments to get into the system.  This meant that they had to sit in the very crowded waiting room for more than two hours with at least 30 very sick looking people. 
The system I envision will encourage more people to become family doctors so that people will be able to get to see their family doctors while they are sick.  Those family doctors will be able to spend more time evaluating what might be wrong with a person and also provide more tips on healthy living.  This will help keep people healthy and not need to see doctors as often.  

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