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Covid - 12Nov 2020
Yesterday, the CDC reported 1,859 deaths in the last 24 hours.  Here are my latest thoughts about the pandemic. 


Remove Activist Judges Kennedy and French

When the Ohio Supreme court decides to make up its own laws instead of ensuring equal protection, it costs taxpayers billions of dollars.  Read Article 
Eliminate political parties
Eliminate Political parties
The need for our plan to eliminate the special privileges given to political parties is highlighted by last night's presidential debate.  There is no reason the Republican and Democratic parties should be collecting all that money tax free.  We can eliminate mindless selection of candidates by removing party affiliation on the ballot.  

If Democrats and Republicans want to have club meetings, fine, but restrict our official ballots for individuals. Read More

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12 Jun 2020

What have we done to ensure critical goods are available if we have a second wave?
12 Jun 2020

Bacon-small.jpgUntil now, I have not posted here on the Coronavirus.  My current concern about the Coronavirus involves the economy and the possible second wave.  During the first wave it was annoying that there was a shortage of toilet paper for so long.  We know now that the stores are having trouble keeping meat on the shelves.  I have not seen any discussion on how to make sure that the stores are stocked with the items we need to survive if the second wave turns out to be a pandemic that was not mitigated.  

This may seem like a peculiar post to those that know that I believe that the strict measures that were put in place for the first wave lasted longer than what was warranted.  Those strict measures were appropriate the first 2 or 3 weeks in Ohio.  They likely saved tens of thousands of lives.  However, it was predictable that if the measures were largely successful then there would be a movement to get rid of the measures.   It was predictable that if the super strict measures were in place too long people would start to ignore them.  Today we do not know if the measures that were taken were the reason the virus did not devistate Ohio or if it was because the virus was not as deadly as was thought.  If we had been more measured in opening up the state, we would have a better understanding today.  That said, the problem I see now is that if there is a second wave, the supply system will totally shut down and there will be extreme suffering. 

Some people think that a new round of stimulus spending by the government will make everything good.  The first round was effective because it allowed many more people to stay clothed and fed than would have occured if we relied just on the private sector.  However, for the most part all the goods needed were available and this large influx of money with little productivity behind it did not cause inflation.  However, if there comes a time when necessities become scarce we will have inflation and the government will not be able to print enough money to keep the economy going.   We could live without a new pool or buying that third TV, but if soup becomes scarce the country is in trouble.  

My recommendation for individuals and families today is to stock up on essentials.  This is more important than it was during the first wave. Politically, I hope you are asking your representative what can be done to make sure essentual goods will be available if there is a second wave of the virus.  Same article on individual page.

25 Feb 2019

Gas Tax ProposalBefore asking residents to cough up additional taxes in order to make up for funds that have been misspent, the legislature should prevent local governments from diverting infrastructure money to pay for recreational facilities.   The Governor should make local governments conform to spending infrastructure money on projects that resemble the examples given within the law. See full article

3 April 2018

Too many people invest in index funds.  The market has been gaining steadily for a long time now giving the average investor a lot of confidence it will continue to rebound from some of these wild fluctuations that have occurred recently.  However, there will come a time when a portion of those average investors decide it is time to keep some money in the bank instead of in stocks.  The way index funds are structured these funds will have no choice but to convert their stocks into cash which will cause those indexes to go down.  With too many people in index funds it will drive those indexes lower.  Those of you that are savvy know that there are not very many Dow Index funds. I used the Dow because it is a index people understand and monitor but you should expect the S&P 500 and other popular indexes to see a similar decrease as the one I predict for the DOW.  

There are other forces in the economy that will hurt the stock market specifically the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates preventing all the economic growth the tax cuts are suppose to provide so that the only thing we will see from the tax cuts will be the expanded deficit.  Remember, when the economy is managed through monetary policy instead of through responsible tax policy only those companies with money survive so expect to see small businesses and entrepreneurs suffer.  

If in the future I become your representative I plan to:

Make sure Congress does its Job
- Does it bother you when you hear the Fed might raises interest rates because people are starting to get a little more in their paychecks?  You've heard it!  Your politicians tell you they want people to get good paying jobs but then they set up a system where they give the Federal Reserve a mandate to prevent you from getting a raise.  When the Fed raises interest rates it lowers salaries for the working class while encouraging higher pay for top executives.  It also prevents new start up entrepreneurial business from getting loans, forcing them to sell out to large companies on the cheap.  If the country needs to slow the economy, what is a better way? Structure the tax code so that the money causing inflation comes out of circulation and then goes to paying off the national debt.   When Congress does its job we can have a productive economy without suppressing the wages of those of us that work and without forcing small businesses out of the market place. Make Congress do its job! (extended article)
Strengthen our Military - We would get 20% more force power with 10% less money if we trained military leaders to return unneeded funds to the taxpayer.  Every acquisition program I've know has planned in an extra 30% into their budget just in case something goes wrong.  Every operational unit is budgeted 5% more than they need to stay strong.  Every military leader is trained that to return that money to the taxpayer is a sin.  This leads to Generals and Colonels wasting 25% of their programs funds up front and then having to come back and ask the taxpayer for another 10% to finish the project.

Extended article


Support for Wright-Patterson AFB by demanding fiscal responsibility and exceptional performance.  In an attempt to save $40 million dollars base leadership decided to hire technicians and substitute teachers to replace Aerospace Engineers and Senior Program Managers.  This led to over $800 million dollars in program delays and cost overruns.  This is typical of the financial decisions made and despite attempts to sell mismanagement as a positive, hinders our performance and destroys our reputation.
Rein in Political Professionals - Congress is gridlocked because there are too many people that depend on campaign funds in order to make their living.  Its no secret that the "best" professional campaign managers and advertising firms work for the candidates best able to pay their salaries.  There is no loyalty to candidates or philosophy.  They stay employed based on how much money they can get people to donate to their candidate.  The easiest way to get people to donate is to get them riled up and angry.  Stop the gridlock by insisting on civil conversation backed up by facts and reason.  Hold onto your money and tell your neighbor to do the same. (extended article)  View 60 Minute expose' Dialing for Dollars  – Viewers Call out Congress for "Dialing for Dollars".

Promote fiscal responsibility and family values - I believe the workers and businesses in this country are productive enough that we should be striving for households that live comfortably on single earner incomes;  a workforce that doesn't depend on maternity and paternity leave so children get six weeks with a birth parent, but instead, one where one job pays enough to raise a family so that one parent can always be home, providing guidance to their child, while preparing for their next job.  Making it possible, so that at a later time, they can become the primary income earner while the other parent remains at home to raise the children and acquire additional skills to improve on the next paid position they take. Revive the American Dream
By telling you about this website, your neighbor demonstrated they know what it takes to strengthen our neighborhoods, the Miami Valley and our country.  Please validate their efforts by supporting my bid to become an independent candidate for the United States House of Representative in the 10th Congressional district.
I have never taken a monetary campaign contribution and if elected next November, I never will.  But I will need your help to achieve our goals for this country.  To start, I'm not rich, help me maximize my advertising dollars.  Remember Tom McMasters is an independent candidate that will work for you in Congress. Share what you know with your neighbors and friends during discussions, personal conversations, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.  Discuss with your neighbors all the good that will come if we mitigate the influence of professional campaigners by electing an independent candidate to congress.
Thank you for your support and for your help in getting my name on the ballot.  Now it is time to publicize my campaign and to make sure we get value for our tax dollars.    Volunteer 


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