There are no reputable news organizations left in this country.


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The one-sided reporting by Fox news was so obvious the first time I watched it, they never had a chance to be seen as credible by me.  The fact that they knew they needed to claim they were fair and balanced every ten minutes proved they had nothing to contribute to intelligent conversations.  Unfortunately for the country and our service members, biased reporting that relies on mockery and fake patriotism proved to be a huge money maker.    The past five years or so MSNBC and CNN have tried to mimic that success.  Lately, I can’t even listen to NPR without being annoyed by obvious misrepresentations and the disrespect shown to people with differing views.  No news organization promotes civil discussions. 

I do not know how to cure this issue.  I wish that I had been more vocal in condemning Fox news for claiming CNN was anti-American just because they knew by denigrating the competition, they would gain viewership.   But we are well past that now.   It is a shame that the Fox news disinformation campaigned worked and a majority of this country believed their claims while they were lies.  Today though, I do not know where to turn now that NPR is willing to air news segments that state definitively that “Russia influenced the 2016 election in Trumps favor”, when in fact it that statement is not yet definitive.   True, our experience with Fox news shows us that if you repeat something you want people to believe enough times many people will end up believing it.  But that does not make it true and accurate.  I need a news organization that provides accurate information.  Right now there are none in this country. 

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