Military Experience as shown in DD214

My father was in the Air Force when I was born in Grand Forks ND.  As a teenager I would wear his old Khaki shirt and dress blue jacket to school.  So it was a natural fit that in order to help pay for college I joined the Army Reserve in 1983 where I became a combat engineer and Drill Sergeant.  In 1989 when I was just about to graduate from college my sister asked me to go with her to the Air Force recruiting station so that I could make sure the recruiter wasn't trying to pull a fast one on her while trying to get her to enlist.  I ended up signing up to go to Officer Training School.

In June of 1989 I drove my Yamaha 850 to Fort Leonard Wood MO for my last annual training as a Reservist and later that month parked it in a storage garage in San Antonio TX while I learned to become an Air Force Officer.  

 Twenty-Seven years later you have the opportunity to send to Washington someone uniquely qualified to make sure WPAFB and the rest of the US Armed Services provide the best value for our tax dollars.

Mayor Tom McMasters independent candidate for Congress