Nominating Petitions

Success, see the official candidates as listed on the Montgomery County Board of Elections website. 

Thank you for your help in getting on the ballot.  Please talk up my campaign for the general election in November. 

I need help circulating nominating petitions in order to become a candidate for the 10th congressional district.  The date they have to be at the Board of Elections is March 14th.  The earlier I get them from you makes it easier for me to plan how best to get to the goal of 3000 signatures.  As of Feb 20th the total is at 1414.  

Unlike my Republican and Democratic challengers who needed just 50 signatures to get on the ballot, as an independent
candidate I will need to collect at least 3000 signatures from residents in Montgomery, Greene and Fayette counties.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  I will bring or mail you petitions or you can download and print the petitions from this page.  Send me an email or give me a call and I will make sure you get what you need.  

If you have any questions or to request petitions can contact me by email at  
or by phone:  937-985-6431.  

If you download, print and circulate there are a couple if things you need to know in order to make your efforts count:
  • When printing use legal size paper (print on both sides)
  • You must be a registered voter to be a circulator.  
  • All registered voters from Montgomery and Greene Counties can sign the petition.  Most of Fayette County voters can sign. 
  • Montgomery county voters all sign on the same petition.  Greene County voters all sign on the same petition.  Fayette County gets their own too.  If people from multiple counties sign on the same petition some of the signatures won't count.  The petition doesn't have to have 18 signatures.  
  • Sign the circulator section then
  •  Return the Petitions by mail or in person ASAP to:  6934  Sylmar Ct, Huber Heights OH 45424   (The deadline to file is March 14, 2016 but please get me the petitions as soon as you get those that are easy for you.  Even if you only have 4 or 5 signers I'll gladly pick them up and bring you additional forms if you think you want to circulate more.)

Nominating Petitions by County
Montgomery County  Greene County Fayette County
Montgomery Nominating Petition Greene Nomintating Petitiion Fayette Nominating Petition 

In addition to the petitions if you would like campaign postcards or business cards to help introduce my campaign to those you approach, let me know and I'll make sure you get some to give out.  

Also if you need to register to vote you can download the form from the Ohio Secretary of State website

Any Questions or to Request petitions you can contact me by email at  

Send me your home address and I'll make sure you get a paper copy to circulate. 
Also if you are willing to sign the petition but not able to circulate let me know and I'll make sure to make arrangements to meet you.  

Ask Questions or Request petitions by phone:  937-985-6431.  

Leave a message with your home address and I'll make sure you get a paper copy.