Resume - Thomas McMasters for Congress

As the Mayor of Huber Heights, I set the standard for transparency in government.  When you decide who you want to work for you in Congress, consider who has a track record of fighting to make sure you know how your tax dollars are spent.  I will bring you the most return on investment for your tax dollar.  This result comes from my dedication to reveal all the details so we can have rational discussions that produce the strongest decisions and policies.  

You can also judge how effective the candidates are with money by noting that your current Congressman will be spending $800,000 of other people's money on his campaign yet I'm going to be elected while spending less than $100,000 of my own.  

Maximize the return on investment of your tax dollars!  Hire Tom McMasters as your representative in congress.  Tell your neighbors they should vote for me too. 

I consider this campaign process similar to a long job interview.  It just so happens that the interview is with 400,000 people.  Download my resume' using the Download now link to the right.

I don't accept campaign contributions, but also realize I need your help maximize my advertising dollars. 
Tell your friends about my campaign and share this website with everyone.  Working together we can see effective and efficient government.

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