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Comparison of DDN responses - Independent vs. Democrat

Below is a comparison of responses given to the questions posed by the Dayton Daily News for their voter's guide


Voter's Guide

Congress District 10

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Tom McMastersHuman Systems Integration Analyst, USAF Retired

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Comparison of DDN responses;  Independent vs Republican

Below is a comparison of responses given to the questions posed by the Dayton Daily News for their voter's guide
They are copied exactly for ease of reference, but you can look at them through the voter's guide by clicking the link above or the Button below. 


Voter's Guide

Congress District 10

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I don't take monetary contributions but I do need help distributing door hangers.  Send an email to me at Progress@TomMcMasters.us  if you are willing to distribute door hangers to your neighborhood.  Include your name, address and how many you believe you are willing to walk around.

Also, talk up my campaign, tell your friends, share my website and the DDN comparison on social media.

There are

Military Spending

It is proper for a unit to budget more than they expect to spend.  Every program adds extra into their budget because they know to run out of money causes very expensive delays.  Typically that extra is about 30%.  Just like your present Congressman, I am comfortable approving a budget that has enough funds in it to cover unforeseen circumstances.   Unlike you current Congressman, my expectation

Maybe it's time we strove to establish single earner homes

Revive the American Dream

This is an update of articles I wrote in July 2011 and 2012

Two things in news reports caught my attention: 1) Between 2001 and 2014 job growth was horrible in this country and 2) Wal-Mart’s income tax rate is over 30%.  Here in 2016 job growth is better and unemployment is below 5% but wages are still low.  This got me wondering how hard it would be to

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The problem with the Affordable Healthcare Act and the American Healthcare system in general is the over reliance on insurance.  I prefer a two-part system where part one has diseases and treatments that are well understood provided by a single payer system, likely run by the government, but possibly by a well-regulated non-profit company.  Part two has people buy insurance for coverage of rare diseases and experimental treatments.