Constitutional Rights vs Corona

There are many posts that make the argument that people have a constitutional right to make whatever decision they want when it comes to what to wear and how they acquire necessities.  Of course, the constitution was written for all the people in order to give structure to the government so each of us individually can exercise our rights.  No individual has the right to deny the rights of other individuals.  Just like the government can make laws preventing a hungry individual from taking another person's groceries, the government can limit a person's actions to prevent them from taking other people's health.   People that are currently arguing it is against the constitution to require a person to wear a mask in public or for the government make laws that protect the public from disease are wrong.  These are both permissable under the constitution.  What these people should be debating is whether the laws and policies that are being made are necessary, helpful, or smart.  

There is no doubt that if the fears were correct and the coronavirus were likely to spread to 100,000,000 million Americans and the death rate was 10% meaning that this disease would kill 10 million Americans measures would be much more restrictive and violators would be punished harshly and all would have been ruled constitutional.  Just because these fears were over blown does not change the constitutional question.  The government has the authority to protect the public.  Now that we see the fears were over blown, how do we ensure that the policy going forward is appropriate.  

Making sure we have the information available to make appropriate decisions is where people need to focus.  The corona virus is not going to kill 10 million Americans in the next year.  But the government and private industry has done a poor job of gathering information how the virus spreads, how deadly it is and what treatments actually work.  There are no good scientific arguments that show anyone has a handle on the likelihood of xx number of deaths if we do this or yy number of deaths if we do this other thing.