Is our infrastructure prepare for a second wave?  

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My current concern about the Coronavirus involves the economy and the possible second wave.  During the first wave it was annoying that there was a shortage of toilet paper for so long.  We know now that the stores are having trouble keeping meat on the shelves.  I have not seen any discussion on how to make sure that the stores are stocked with the items we need to survive it the second wave turns out to be a pandemic that was not mitigated.  

Bacon-small.jpgThis may seem like a peculiar post to those that know that I believe that the strict measures that were put in place for the first wave lasted longer than what was warranted.  Those strict measures were appropriate the first 2 or 3 weeks in Ohio.  They likely saved tens of thousands of lives.  However, it was predictable that if the measures were largely successful then there would be a movement to get rid of the measures.   It was predictable that if the super strict measures were in place too long people would start to ignore them.  Today we do not know if the measures that were taken were the reason the virus did not devistate Ohio or if it was because the virus was not as deadly as was thought.  If we had been more measured in opening up the state, we would have a better understanding today.  That said, the problem I see now is that if there is a second wave, the supply system will totally shut down and there will be extreme suffering. 

Some people think that a new round of stimulus spending by the government will make everything good.  The first round was effective because it allowed many more people to stay clothed and fed than would have occured if we relied just on the private sector.  However, for the most part all the goods needed were available and this large influx of money with little productivity behind it did not cause inflation.  However, if there comes a time when necessities become scarce we will have inflation and the government will not be able to print enough money to keep the economy going.   We could live without a new pool or buying that third TV, but if soup becomes scarce the country is in trouble.  

My recommendation for individuals and families today is to stock up on essentials.  This is more important than it was during the first wave. Politically, I hope you are asking your representative what can be done to make sure essentual goods will be available if there is a second wave of the virus.

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